Biography of Bob Stives
I was not what you might consider to be an ďathleteĒ in my youth. My school athletic career, as it were, consisted mainly of four years of second string Little League baseball and one year of third string linebacker on the sophomore football team in high school.

My father, now 82, was a successful weekend modified stock car driver on the Northeast paved and dirt local tracks. He was also a runner on the track team in high school. He began to take fitness more seriously in his early 40ís having been inspired by Dr. Kenneth Cooperís book, Aerobics. Dad still runs regularly today!

It is from my dad therefore, that I get an interest in competition and physical fitness. He kept the concept of physical fitness as it related to health in front of me until it sunk in when I too was in my 40ís. Running, is not my thing. Neither is swimming or any stationary exercise. Enter the bicycle!

I began fitness riding in my 40ís. A brief part-time business endeavor of buying and selling used bikes led me to higher quality equipment. Better bikes led to more speed. Wheels, speed and the concept of racing all came together, and I signed up for my first event at age 57!

This first race was a Cat 5 criterium that I rode on a Trek 1.0 road bike that was one size too small. I finished three laps down and thought I should not try racing again. However, another rider encouraged me not to give up, and so it began.

My best race so far has been the 20K Road Race at the 2013 Georgia Golden Olympics. Coached and led out by teammate, Brian Stockmaster, I won the gold medal in the Menís 60-64 age group.


2015 Virginia Senior Games, Menís Cycling 60-64 5K TT-Bronze 20K RR-Bronze

South Carolina Senior Sports Classic, Menís Cycling 60-64 1 Mile TT-Gold 5K TT-Gold 10K TT-Silver

2014 South Carolina Senior Sports Classic, Menís Cycling 60-64 5K TT-Gold 10K TT-Silver

2013 Georgia Golden Olympics, Menís Cycling 60-64 20K RR-Gold
Major Results:


  • Giordana Velodrome Wednesday Night TT Series
  • Giordana Weds. Night Time Trial/Pursuit Series
  • S.E.R.C. Mtb Race #7
  • 2017 National Senior Games, 40K Road Race
  • National Senior Games, 20K Road Race
  • 2017 SC Senior Sports Classic, 5K TT & 10K TT
  • 2017 SC Senior Sports Classic 1 Mile TT & 20K RR
  • Virginia Senior Games 5k Time Trial
  • Virgina Senior Games, 20K RR
  • Mtb XC race
  • Southeastern Regional Championship Series, Race #3
  • 2016

  • Georgia Senior Olympics 40K Road Race (National Qualifier)
  • Georgia Senior Olympics 5k Time Trial (National Qualifier)
  • Virginia Senior Games
  • 2016 South Carolina Senior Olympics Time Trial Series
  • Race to the River
  • Good Life Games 55K Road Race
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    Team: Masters



    First Season: 0000-00-00